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This is an extremely challenging time for all of us. Since the coronavirus crisis escalated in March 2020, the Scottish Music Industry Association has been working at (and above) its full capacity to do its best to achieve its core mission objectives of representing and developing music businesses, and the people behind them, in Scotland…(Read More)

Following three months of lockdown, as some restrictions are revised, the Scottish Music Industry Association (SMIA) is launching an updated version of our previous Coronavirus survey, gathering new information from as many music businesses and music practitioners working in Scotland as possible in relation to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic…(Read More)


We stand alongside our peers in the music industry, artists, practitioners and music fans, to call on the UK Government to act urgently and offer vital support to the live music sector which is facing a catastrophic level of damage from Covid-19. #LetTheMusicPlay…(Read More)

Freelancers and those who work within radio and podcasting can apply for relief through the The Audio and Radio Emergency Fund. The fund has been created to help those in the radio and audio sector who are facing hardship because of the coronavirus crisis…(Read More)

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