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Whatever point you’re at in your career, whatever genre of music you work in and wherever in Scotland you’re based; the SMIA exists to support you.

What does the SMIA offer?


Tailored tools and insights curated specifically for the varying demands of the music industry.


Information on gatherings, conferences, workshops and seminars that ensure you’re always in sync with the rhythm of the industry.


Join our community of over 4000 music industry practitioners working across Scotland; an ever-growing membership network that thrives on mutual support and collaboration.


From music industry jobs to support/development opportunities to funding, explore our opportunities board.

Membership Benefits:

Free Membership:

Because we believe in making our services, projects and events accessible to all.

Diverse Network:

Engage with Scotland-based music practitioners working across all genres, sub-sectors and career levels.

Career-long Support:

From fresh entrants to seasoned experts, the SMIA exists to support you at every stage of your journey.

Join the SMIA as a: Creator / Sound Engineer / Artist Manager / Producer Manager / Agent / Student / Tour Manager / Teacher / Lecturer / Festival Organiser / Producer / Promoter / Music Distributor / Music Retailer / Music Supervisor / Publisher / Lawyer / Lyricist / Composer / PR specialist / Technician / Venue Manager / Label Manager / A&R specialist