Grants and Funding Assistance

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Whilst the SMIA isn’t a direct funder on an individual basis, we are your compass in the expansive sea of grants and opportunities. We diligently source and curate a collection of funding opportunties on a daily basis, making it simpler for our members to navigate and secure their music projects.

How the SMIA Supports Your Funding Journey

  • Curated Funding Opportunities: We regularly update our database with diverse grants and funding opportunities tailored for the music industry, ensuring you’re always informed of the latest prospects. To access this page, please join the SMIA membership: it’s free.
  • Highlighted Initiatives: The SMIA has been a proud partner of the MMF Accelerator Programme for Music Managers since it launched in 2019; a significant initiative that has provided key funding and developmental support to music managers based in Scotland. We have also previously extended the Music Business Innovation grant, designed to infuse innovation into the music business landscape.
  • Training and Workshops: Stay in the loop for various SMIA-hosted training sessions and resources centered around funding. These aim to equip you with the tools and knowledge to successfully secure the funds you need.

Tapping into the SMIA’s Funding Assistance

  1. Stay Updated: As an SMIA member, you receive regular updates across social media and via our exclusive mailing list on newly sourced funding opportunities. If you aren’t a member yet, join our community.
  2. Reach Out: If you need further guidance or have specific queries related to grants and funding, our dedicated team is here to help. Get in touch.
  3. Join Training Sessions: Don’t miss our workshops and training sessions tailored around funding, which are also available to watch back on demand as video resources. Whether you’re new to the grant application process or looking to refine your approach, these sessions are invaluable.

Discover the Funding Landscape with the SMIA

Navigating the world of grants and funding can be challenging, but the SMIA is here to help as much as we can. Together, let’s ensure your music gets the support it truly deserves.

Keep an eye on our regular updates, training opportunities and resources, and reach out when you need assistance.