Parliamentary Representation

The Just Joans performing at The SAY Award 2022

The Scottish Music Industry Association (SMIA) recognises the critical role that Government and legislative bodies play in shaping the future of Scotland’s vibrant music sector. We proudly serve as a bridge; giving voice to our membership when speaking to Government, Parliament and development organisations.

Our Role in Parliamentary Representation

In a landscape as dynamic and ever-evolving as music, decisions made at the parliamentary level can have profound implications. The SMIA strives to:

  1. Sector Advocacy: Representing our diverse membership of music practitioners in Scotland, we ensure concerns, aspirations and challenges from across the sector are clearly communicated to decision-makers.
  2. Influence Legislation and Policies: Engage in active dialogues to inform, consult, and contribute to legislative processes affecting the music industry.
  3. Seek Funding and Support: Actively lobby for financial support, grants and initiatives that fuel the growth, innovation, and sustainability of Scotland’s music sector.
  4. Raise Awareness: Highlight the economic, social and cultural contributions of the music industry; underscoring its significance within Scotland’s broader national narrative.

Past Official Statements & Initiatives

Stay Informed

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Your Voice Matters

The SMIA is committed to representing the full spectrum of Scotland’s music industry. If you have concerns, insights or ideas that need parliamentary attention, we want to hear from you. Get involved today.