Phase 3 of Help Musicians’ Coronavirus Financial Hardship Funding Now Open

Applications can now be made to Phase 3 of Help Musicians’ Financial Hardship Funding. The latest initiative offers financial support until March 2021 to musicians who have fallen through the gaps of government support or are unable to make ends meet.

Phase 3 of the Financial Hardship Funding is targeted at self-employed musicians who do not qualify for Self-Employment Income Support Scheme and unemployed professional musicians who are unable to make ends meet in the face of further lockdowns and ongoing restrictions. 

For those who are eligible, to the extent that funds allow, the charity will offer grant payments from the time their application is successful to March 2021 to top-up Universal Credit payments where relevant. Where an applicant does not qualify for Universal Credit but is still experiencing significant financial hardship, an assessment will be made based on individual circumstances. 

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