SMIA Workshops: Maintaining a Healthy Work/Life Balance During the Coronavirus Crisis

Maintaining a work/life balance might have been more manageable before we were affected by Covid-19. Many people would have a commute to an office, a freelance space, a studio or indeed if you typically worked from home you would still have the opportunity to have more variation in your life. Since lockdown, many people are working from home and are struggling to strike a healthy work/life balance because the lines are more blurred.

This workshop will deliver tips to help create or maintain more balance. 

This will look at using your time wisely, tips for aiding your mental health, social interaction, how exercise can help and more. The workshop will also highlight organisations and charities that can provide key help and advice. 

Halina Rifai has worked in the Scottish music industry for around 10 years. She is also part of the working team behind charity Scottish Women Inventing Music (SWIM). She started online and offline mental health safe space A Sonic Hug (formerly The Respite Room) based on experiences dealing with her own mental health and wellbeing which has also seen her gain her First Aid Mental Health certificate from NHS Health Scotland in 2017.