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  • SMIA Workshops: Maintaining a Healthy Work/Life Balance During the Coronavirus Crisis

    SMIA Workshops: Maintaining a Healthy Work/Life Balance During the Coronavirus Crisis

    Maintaining a work/life balance might have been more manageable before we were affected by Covid-19. Many people would have a commute to an office, a freelance space, a studio or indeed if you typically worked from home you would still have the opportunity to have more variation in your life. Since lockdown, many people are working from…

  • Funding Resources

    Funding Resources

    Sources of funding, and information and advice relating to it, for individuals and businesses affects by the response to the coronavirus crisis.

  • Employment Resources

    Employment Resources

    Help, information, guidance and sources of funding for employers and employees including freelancers, micro businesses and SMEs.

  • Digital-First Resources

    Digital-First Resources

    Tools, platforms, networks and information for creative business to engage markets which are digital-first, rather than based around live attendance at events.

  • Economy Resources

    Economy Resources

    Information about the affect that the coronavirus response is having on the economy and advice for businesses.

  • Health and Wellbeing

    Health and Wellbeing

    Health, safety and well-being information, advice and medical and scientific research relating to the coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease.

  • Events Resources

    Events Resources

    Help, guidance and advice on what to do about the impact of the Coronavirus response on events for everyone working in the supply network.

  • Productivity Tools for Freelancers

    Productivity Tools for Freelancers

    Resources to assist freelance creative people, often working from home or remotely, with all aspects of productivity; communication, time, task and project management.