Second Coronavirus Bill To Further Help Scotland’s Response To Outbreak

Emergency measures to protect people facing financial hardship and allow public services to operate effectively have been introduced to the Scottish Parliament in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

The new Bill follows emergency legislation previously passed by the Scottish and UK Parliaments to assist in the response to the pandemic.

Constitutional Secretary Michael Russell said:

“The Scottish Government is determined to do all we can to help individuals and businesses who are facing hardship as a result of this unprecedented crisis.

“The Bill will help many people facing bankruptcy, adding to emergency measures which the Scottish Parliament has already approved.

“It will also provide Scottish Ministers with the power to introduce reductions in non-domestic rates payable during 2020-2021, and a wide range of changes necessary to support public services to continue to operate as they were intended during what are exceptional circumstances.

“Throughout this crisis we have tried to achieve consensus and will continue to work on a cross-party basis to enable the government to take the steps necessary to help Scotland get through these extraordinary times.”

Michael Russell MSP

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