MVT Asks For £40M To Save Grassroots Music Venues

MVT Open Letter to Boris Johnson

Cancel the Festival of Britain 2022. Save Britain’s Grassroots Culture.

Mark Davyd, CEO, Music Venue Trust

In an eloquent, rational, well-considered letter, the Music Venue Trust chief executive Mark Davyd puts a proposal to the UK’s Prime Minister to find a £40M funding package to save grassroots music venues from going under as the country takes necessary measures to tackle the public health emergency presented by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dear Mr Johnson

We need you to act immediately to legally enforce the temporary closure of Grassroots Music Venues. If you do not act to do so, your government will be responsible for the permanent closure and loss of hundreds of these vital and vibrant parts of our communities in every corner of the United Kingdom.

Read the full letter on the Music Venue Trust website and sign their petition.

Dougal Perman, Executive Chair, Scottish Music Industry Association