Independent Venue Week 2020: Scottish Shows



Friday 31st January Atlas Empire + Gulls + New Kings TICKETS OTD
Saturday 1st FebruaryDerange + Fragments + Virtues TICKETS OTD


Leith Depot

Monday 27th January3 Mushrooms + The Angry Beaver Conspiracy + Acolyte TICKET LINK TBC
Tuesday 28th JanuaryThe Party Slogan + The Heartbreak Diet + Somewhat Vacant £5 OTD
Wednesday 29th JanuaryThe Media Whores TICKET LINK TBC
Thursday 30th January Jimi Get Your Funk On + Berta Kennedy + Sarah Eve £5 OTD
Friday 31st JanuaryChuchoter + Midi Paul + Deadloch TICKETS
Saturday 1st FebruaryCallum Mackinnon + Bookend + Alan Dawson £3 OTD
Sunday 2nd February Lou Mclean + Dark Hearts + Lorraine Mcauley + Molly Wyrd + Vee Ruins + Beth Myers TICKETS

Sneaky Pete’s

Monday 27th JanuaryKettle of Kites + Kapil SeshasayeeTICKETS
Tuesday 28th JanuaryMaranta + Fourth Daughter + SMUTTICKETS
Wednesday 29th JanuaryCloth + Annie BoothTICKETS
Thursday 30th JanuaryAwkward Family PortraitsTICKETS
Friday 31st JanuaryCarla J Easton + Broken Chanter TICKETS
Saturday 1st FebruaryCheap Teeth + Pelican Tusk + Dusk AmadeusTICKETS
Sunday 2nd FebruaryROAM + Superlove + Spoke Too Soon + Forrest Can’t RunTICKETS


Friday 31st JanuaryThe Ninth Wave + Savage Mansion + Heir of the Cursed TICKETS


Beat Generator Live !

Wednesday 29th January Twin Atlantic TICKETS
Friday 31st JanuaryStrange Bones TICKETS


Mac Arts

Thursday 30th JanuarySound Cycle Three + Fin Price + Geckohead + 3 Out Of 4 + Evie Archenhold + Erin Highton + Becc & Forth TICKETS
Friday 31st January Salsa Celtica TICKETS
Saturday 1st FebruaryHoneyblood + Indigo Velvet TICKETS


Blue Arrow Jazz Club

Monday 27th JanuaryRIOT! Performed in Full + 10am TICKETS
Tuesday 28th JanuaryLower Dens TICKETS
Wednesday 29th JanuaryJack Richardson + Emme Woods TICKETS
Thursday 30th January Domiciles + Tomorrow Syndicate + The Naked Feedback TICKETS
Friday 31st JanuaryCity of Vultures Takeover TICKETS
Saturday 1st FebruaryThe Vintage Explosion + Exterior + Paulitical TICKETS
Sunday 2nd FebruaryYoko Pwno TICKETS


Wednesday 29th JanuaryHibou + Home$lice + Raeburn Brothers TICKETS
Thursday 30th January The Harmaleighs + Eleanor Kane + Nani TICKETS

The Dam

Thursday 30th JanuaryMoskow Mule TICKETS
Saturday 1st FebruaryA F A + Priase 4G + Solace + Cararaven + Zaku +Kouk + Roki/Sonedo TICKETS

The Flying Duck

Wednesday 29th JanuaryHung Parliament + Manuka Honey + Hound TICKETS
Thursday 30th JanuaryGravelle + Leather Corrider + Natalie Pryce TICKETS
Friday 31st JanuaryNekkuro Hána + Conor Heafey + Taxidermy Cab TICKETS
Saturday 1st FebruaryThe Just Joans + Pocket Knife + Marble Gods TICKETS
Sunday 2nd FebruaryBlack Cat Revue + Supercloud TICKETS

The Glad Cafe

Wednesday 29th JanuaryRachael Dadd + Marcus Hamblett TICKETS
Thursday 30th January Savage Mansion + Secret Motorbikes + Yakima TICKETS
Friday 31st JanuarySensatronic + Blue Grisha TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Yng Ngheredigion TICKETS

The Hug & Pint

Monday 27th JanuaryKiwi Jr TICKETS
Tuesday 28th JanuaryGiant Drag + Deutsche Ashram + Gift Horse TICKETS
Wednesday 29th JanuaryRev Magnetic + Colossal Squid TICKETS
Thursday 30th JanuaryGeorgie TICKETS
Friday 31st JanuaryGallus + Fiendz YT TICKETS
Saturday 1st FebruaryPleasure Heads + MEMES + Two Tone Television TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February The Goat Roper Rodeo Band TICKETS

Room 2

Thursday 30th JanuarySophie Rodgers + Scott Charles + Sadie Marie TICKETS
Friday 31st JanuaryHorizons + Revelation + The Fences + James & Jamie TICKETS
Saturday 1st FebruaryBen Poole TICKETS

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