Rosie Shannon from Soma Records

An Interview with Soma Records

Ahead of Soma Skool 2019 we caught up with Soma Records’ Production and Distribution Manager Rosie Shannon to find out more about the label and their upcoming event which focuses on gaining a career in the electronic music industry:

  1. Rosie, tell us a bit about yourself and Soma Records… 

Soma Records are an internationally renowned independent techno label, co-owned by Slam. Soma have been operating in Glasgow since 1991, and are known for discovering Daft Punk + releasing quality dance floor tunes. I currently work there full time as Production and Distribution Manager + also organise Soma Skool. 

  2. What should people expect at the event in Glasgow this month?

At Soma Skool 2019 there will be a wealth of activities, panels and workshops on throughout the day. Whether you’re into making music, learning how to become a music journalist, looking for advice on how to put on an event or learn how to create club visuals – there is something for everyone who is interested in a career in electronic music. 

  3. Is there a cost to come along? 

This event is FREE ENTRY and open to anyone over 16. 

  4. How has the market grown/evolved over the years since Soma Records’ inception?

There has definitely been a surge recently in young people seeing working in the electronic music industry as a viable career option. When I was at university 5 years ago, I was the only person in my class that liked electronic music. Now, in that same university, we have many people applying for internships at Soma and attending Soma Skool. Also, the industry is becoming much more diverse than it was 10-15 years ago, this is reflected in our panelists and educators.

  5. What advice would you give to young people trying to break into the music industry?

If you’re just starting out, don’t expect people to give you opportunities but instead create your own ones. Gaining the most experience you can, and being knowledgable about the scene you’re in, makes such a difference when applying for jobs.

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