SMIA Board Member Anneliese Harmon Appointed to Creative UK’s EDIAG, Advocating for Diversity and Inclusivity in the Creative Industries

We’re proud to announce that Anneliese Harmon, a member of our 14-strong SMIA board, has been appointed to the newly formed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group (EDIAG). This initiative created by Creative UK, marks a significant step towards promoting greater equality, diversity and inclusion across the Creative Industries.

Creative UK has established the EDIAG in response to the recognised need for increased diversity within its business support programmes and organisational activities. This approach aims to foster a more inclusive and equitable sector for the creative community.

The primary objectives of the EDIAG include enhancing Creative UK’s understanding of the barriers to access and engagement faced by underrepresented groups, advising on strategies to mitigate or eliminate these barriers. 

The group is also tasked with broadening access to networks involving underrepresented groups, thus expanding Creative UK’s reach and relatability. Furthermore, the EDIAG seeks to strengthen Creative UK’s capacity to offer inclusive and accessible opportunities to everyone in the creative sector.

Anneliese Harmon’s appointment to the advisory group showcases her personal commitment to advancing diversity and inclusivity in the creative industries. With a rich background in music, entertainment, film, fashion and branding, Harmon brings a wealth of experience and insight to EDIAG. 

She is joined by Ali Jafarey from the Victoria & Albert Museum, Isabel Sachs of I Like Networking, Sarah Leigh from Inclusivity Films, Scarlett Kefford, a screenwriter, ‘Sit-Down’ Comedian & Access Coordinator, Tanya Vital of Vital Culture UK, Professor Sarita Malik from Brunel University, Emilie Fellingham of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Sameed Rezayan from Factory International and Sophie Amono of CHEAD.

The Scottish Music Industry Association supports the efforts of Creative UK and the newly established EDIAG, recognising the vital role that equality, diversity and inclusion play in enriching the creative sector. This initiative not only aligns with SMIA’s values but also represents a significant step forward in promoting a more inclusive creative community.

To follow along the work of the EDIAG, click here.