PCL Presents: Booking Assistant Opportunity

Salary: £22,500 – £30,000 per year (dependent on experience)

Job Type: Full-time

Location: Glasgow City, Glasgow

Shifts: Monday to Friday with weekend availability and flexitime


PCL Presents is seeking a Booking Assistant with prior experience in show booking, ready to progress to larger shows and acts. The role includes assisting the company director with booking shows across Scotland, managing venue availability, show budgets, and coordination with agents, management, and the PCL team.


Job Description

The main responsibility of the role will be to assist the Company Director in booking shows across Scotland, including:

  • Working on venue availability and diary management
  • Working on show budgets
  • Contacting agents and management
  • Coordinating with the wider PCL team


Job Opportunities

They are also keen to help develop sustainable careers in the Music Industry. As such, the role will also include the opportunity to:

  • Book your own shows and develop a roster
  • Gain experience working at larger shows
  • Develop a branded night at two grassroots music venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh
  • Booking artists for Stag & Dagger Music Festival
  • Form connections with international agents and artist management



The ideal candidate will have:

  • Experience in booking shows at a local level
  • Experience in bringing a touring act to Scotland
  • Knowledge of emerging artists in Scotland
  • Knowledge of the music scene in Glasgow
  • Experience with Excel and budgeting


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