SMIA Workshops: Artist Management: Retaining Your Ethics and Protecting Art in the Music Industries

21 Mar 2019

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As part of the SMIA’s innovation-led development programme, designed to help nurture business talent and build infrastructure in Scotland’s music industry, we will be hosting this free entry Artist Management: Retaining Your Ethics and Protecting Art in the Music Industries workshop at citizenM (Screening Room) in Glasgow, taking place on Thursday 18th April from 10am – 1pm.

About the Workshop

This Workshop and Lecture will be delivered by Andy Inglis, whose career started in Scotland in 1990, DJing and running raves around the country. He began managing bands and small electronic labels, moving to London in 1997 to continue the work. In 2005 he co-founded The Luminaire, winning London Venue of The Year and UK Venue of The Year in the first two years. He booked Quart – Norway’s biggest and oldest music festival – and manages improvisational pianist Tom Rogerson, composer John Uren, artist Novo Amor, producer Ed Tullett and the duo Hailaker. He co-founded Sørveiv Music Conference in Kristiansand, lectures internationally and runs mentoring initiatives to help young people into the music industry in Germany, Poland, Norway, Slovakia and the UK.

Andy is committed to making the industry a better, safer, more diverse, more transparent business in which to work, encouraging new practitioners to think differently, to imagine and bring about a more inclusive and healthier workplace. Over the course of three hours, he’ll lay bare how the recording industry is structured, how it interfaces with Artist Management, how you can avoid making some of the mistakes he and his generation have made, how literally anyone can do this job and how he still, 29 years later, often has no idea what he’s doing.


– Warm-up: Your deepest embarrassment, your biggest failure, your greatest passion. Let’s hear what makes you tick

– Why are you doing this?

– Barriers to entry

– A comparative history lesson: Artist Management before the Internet

– Myth-busting: why you *should* manage your friends

– Why telling someone you just met that you’ve got Herpes is a great idea, and how it relates to artist-label negotiations

– The structure of globally-resourced record labels and what it means for you and your artist’s career

– Getting the attention of overseas markets

– Getting the attention of your label who should be paying attention to your Artist but the Shiny New Artist has turned up

– Getting the attention of your label who should be paying attention to your Artist but the person who signed you has left and no one else cares

– Protecting the health of your artists

– And yourself

– Workshop: What Would You Do? Andy will throw a couple of situations at you that he’s had to deal with in the past, you’ll get together into groups, work out what you’d do. Then we talk about what he should have done to handle it differently, and how your idea is better

– Warm-down: Q&A with Andy

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We look forward to seeing you there!


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