A Redefined SMIA Membership…

28 Apr 2021


In response to the challenges facing our industry, and to provide enhanced communications, opportunities and support to both current and prospective members, we’re redefining SMIA membership following consultation with both our Advisory Group and Company Board.

SMIA membership remains free, and is open to anyone working in music in Scotland. Whatever stage you’re at in your career, whatever genre of music you work in and wherever in Scotland you’re based; the SMIA exists to support you. 

SMIA members will now be segmented by industry sub-sector and geographical location to see a more bespoke and targeted package of services, projects and events. Mapped to your needs through regular, meaningful and focused consultation, our redefined membership recognises the diversity of both challenges and opportunities facing music practitioners depending on their sub-sector of work and where in Scotland they’re based. 

Whilst many SMIA activities will remain open to all members, our new initiatives targeted at each membership segment will see enhanced impact and allow us to better understand how we can support you throughout your career. This new approach will support us in strengthening, empowering and uniting Scotland’s music industry for the benefit of all.

In order for us to implement these changes, we require all current members to update their membership profiles to allow us to begin the membership segmentation process. Updating your profile should only take a couple of minutes, and by doing so, you will gain access to enhanced support and membership opportunities across the coming months. 

If you’re not currently a member of the SMIA but you work in music in Scotland, now is the perfect time to join. With a sharpened focus on common rather than competing interests, SMIA members believe in the value and power of community and collaboration. Join now and become part of a diverse network of industry professionals working across all sectors and genres of Scotland’s music industry.


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