SMIA Workshop Freelancer Opportunities

The Scottish Music Industry Association is looking for experienced workshop leaders to help deliver part of its training programme.

Applications open: Thursday 30 August 2018

Applications close: Friday 28 September 2018 at 17:00

Please send all applications to: jobs@smia.org.uk.

The Scottish Music Industry Association (SMIA) is looking for training providers to help design and deliver a series of workshops on business skills for music industry practitioners. The workshops will be SMIA branded. We don’t need you to help promote the workshops, although we welcome any promotional assistance, of course.

SMIA Workshops will inform and educate startups and individual professionals either at the start of their careers or seeking to “level up” their skillbase. Our 2017 research project into skills gaps and learnings needs has helped us programme workshop topics. Our 2018—2019 workshop programme will deliver workshops in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness, which will be live streamed and/or filmed and made available on demand via the SMIA website. Workshops will be lead by specialist trainers, contracted by the SMIA.

From our skills gaps and learning needs research we have identified demand for these topics:

  1. Social Media Engagement and Digital Marketing
  2. Managing Your Finances
  3. Productivity and Time Management
  4. Copyright and Monetising IP
  5. Understanding and Utilising Data
  6. Funding Your Music Business – Sources of Finance and Application Advice
  7. Partnerships and Working with Brands
  8. Networking and Building Relationships
  9. Negotiation and Contracts
  10. Innovation: Employing an Innovative Mindset to Overcomes Challenges and Unlock Opportunities
  11. Ecommerce and Creating New Revenue Streams
  12. Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing
  13. Using Music and Compliance – For Media, Games, Advertising and Events
  14. Content Creation and Strategy (Audio, Video and Blogs)

Workshops will be delivered during the day or in the evenings, mostly on weekdays but possibly some at weekends too. Workshops will last for no more than half a day, typically two-to-three hours. We aim to deliver one-to-two workshops per month and up to 12 workshops per year.

As beneficiaries of Regular Funding from Creative Scotland the SMIA will make workshops free to access for people working in music in Scotland. All participants need to do to gain access to the workshops is join the SMIA for free as a basic member. Any workshops which are live streamed will also be available for free while live and for a limited time afterwards on demand. We anticipate live attendance of around 20 people with many more watching online (live or on demand).

Workshop IP will either be owned by the workshop leader, the SMIA or a combination of both depending on who designs it. This is a matter for discussion and negotiation. If you have an existing workshop that you think will work well for our audience, we are happy to discuss the inclusion of it in our programme. The recorded content will be owned by SMIA.

Workshop leader’s fees will typically be £200 (plus VAT where applicable) per session. Reasonable expenses (including travel, accommodation and food) will be covered where required.

We want to work with specialists who have a wealth of business knowledge and experience, acute understanding of skills development and a proven track record of devising and delivering training. We welcome freelance professionals, consultants and employees of relevant organisations.

To apply, please send us your CV and a cover letter telling us why you are a great choice to deliver workshops for the SMIA to jobs@smia.org.uk. Please indicate which workshop topic(s) you are best suited to delivering. Please note that we are already in conversation with some specialist workshop leaders about the first two topics in the list above, but we do welcome applications for those topics are we will run more workshops on them in the future. The closing date for this round of applications is 17:00 on 28 September, but we will open up again to look for more workshop providers next year.