Congratulations to Gill Eliver (Uninvited) and Mark Tremaine (TBS Entertainment) who are among the 40 selected people from within the UK to take part in this year’s POWER UP Participant Programme.


Power Up, co-founded by PRS Foundation and Ben Wynter, works alongside several industry giants including YouTube Music, Beggars Group, Spotify, and the Black Music Coalition. It aims to foster positive, meaningful change in the music industry, striving for fairer representation and support for Black talent at all career levels.


Gill Eliver: The New Sound of Scottish Rock Music


Gill Eliver, part of the Glasgow-based rock band UNINVITED, is among the selected participants. Eliver began her musical journey as an acoustic singer/songwriter before forming UNINVITED in 2020. The band’s career reached a significant milestone in 2022, when they won the BBC Radio 1 live lounge competition, subsequently earning opportunities to perform at high-profile events and tour with established bands.


Follow Gill’s musical journey on her social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, and Apple Music.


Mark Tremaine: Blending Music and Social Advocacy


Joining Eliver in this opportunity is Mark Tremaine, founder and director of TBS Entertainment. TBS is a music management and production company that operates between Glasgow and London and is committed to promoting and producing authentic black music free from constraints and stereotypical portrayals in the Urban Sector.


Tremaine began his career in the 90s as a songwriter and producer at Chrysalis. Since then, he has opened for renowned musicians like Jay Z and Beverley Knight, collaborated with artists across various genres, and become a prominent figure in anti-racist education in Scotland.


In 2020 he Co-founded The African Caribbean Society of Scotland with Cynthia Gentle and became instrumental in The Anti Racist Education in the Public and Private Education Sector which led to him creating an EDI training program for Barnardo’s.


You can check out Tremain’s work here: Website and Instagram.

Power Up: Shaping the Future of Scottish Music


The inclusion of Eliver and Tremaine in the Power Up initiative reflects the commitment of the project to bring meaningful change in the music industry. Their selection signifies the abundant talent and potential that exists within Scotland, setting a precedent for other aspiring Black artists in the country.


They join Bemz (DJ Mag Award), Becky Sikasa and Mobolaji Agor, Sami Omarm and TAALIAH supported in the first two years of the programme carving out the new sounds of a modern Scotland.


For more information about the POWER UP programme, click here.