Lickd signs with Merlin to open up indie artists’ music to YouTube creators

24 Jan 2022


Merlin has announced a multi-year deal with Lickd, the platform that helps YouTube content creators legally use music on the platform.

Merlin is the digital licensing agency for the independent label sector.

The partnership injects music from tens of thousands of labels and hundreds of thousands of artists across the globe into the flow of usable content, granting Merlin members access to the creator boom, opening up robust revenue streams, and offering prime marketplace exposure for artists.

Lickd is the first pre-cleared, music licensing solution for social video creators. The platform provides music from independent and major labels for pre-approved licensed use in YouTube videos. It has existing deals with major labels and BMG.

Lickd’s proprietary Vouch software ensures that, if a user licenses a song from Lickd, they can publish their videos with peace of mind, ensuring that the rights-holder is compensated and the video creator can safely monetise their content.

The phone-accessible Lickd platform offers songs and tracks from major and independent labels and publishers alike. It also makes song searching simple with curated mood and genre-themed playlists. The platform offers a variety of license options suited to the size of individual channels, including tiered pricing for licenses that varies based on audience size.

The partnership with Merlin provides new revenue opportunities, while protecting members’ rights and ensuring that they are properly compensated for their use.


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