Announcing the Music Business Innovation Consultancy Programme

10 Jun 2019


How do you move your business forward? What’s the best way to get around an obstacle that has stood in your way for a while? What if you don’t even know what it is that’s holding you back?

Everyone needs a helping hand in business at some point. If you want to grow your revenue, break into a new market, overcome a tricky challenge or consolidate a sustainable business model, consider applying for the Scottish Music Industry Association’s Music Business Innovation (MBI) programme.

Delivered as part of our programme of development initiatives supported by regular funding from Creative Scotland, Music Business Innovation is open to businesses based in Scotland. Each year we will invite businesses to apply to be part of the programme.

A Music Business Innovation steering group will judge the applications and select up to four businesses to participate. We will then identify and engage a group of specialist consultants who will meet with each business in an intensive closed workshop to understand their market position, challenges and ambitions. Together representatives from the business and the MBI consultants will create a strategic plan to overcome challenges and achieve ambitions. The businesses will then have some phone and email support as they put the plan into action. After two months the consultants will contact with the businesses to find out how they are getting on, measure their progress and help make adjustments to the plan’s implementation where necessary. After four months the businesses and their MBI consultants will meet up to reflect on progress and judge to what extent their plan activation succeeded in realising their ambitions and meeting their targets.

The consultants and steering group will evaluate the programme and publish non-sensitive information in a report for SMIA members. The report and a group feedback session will take place at a Music Business Innovation event for SMIA members at the end of the programme.
Applications are open now to SMIA members (basic membership is free and available from the Join section of the SMIA website).

Please complete the application form by 18:00 on Friday 2 August. Specific start and end dates will be agreed with participating businesses. The 2019—2020 programme will conclude on or before 31 March 2020.

Find out more about MBI and complete the application form in the Development section of our website.


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