New Culture Commissioner named and Taskforce set up to aid sector recovery from coronavirus

The Government have appointed Neil Mendoza as Commissioner for Cultural Recovery and Renewal, with a taskforce also set up to advise on how UK culture can begin to recover in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Mendoza will provide an expert and independent voice to the government, and will advise on how UK culture and heritage can begin the road to recovery from the pandemic.

He has built a successful career within the creative, heritage and financial sectors and has been a consistent champion of the cultural scene.

Our culture holds us together. Arts, music, theatre, museums and heritage and culture in all its other forms are a vital part of people’s lives up and down the country. Our outstanding creativity and arts excellence sets an example for the world. The people that work in cultural sectors want to work, to help continue to support and inspire their communities. DCMS intends to help them do just that through this pandemic and be ready for renewal once social distancing is over.

Neil Mendoza

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