We stand alongside our peers in the music industry, artists, practitioners and music fans, to call on the UK Government to act urgently and offer vital support to the live music sector which is facing a catastrophic level of damage from Covid-19. #LetTheMusicPlay

90% of grassroots music venues are under threat of closure. They need a £50 million cash injection to ensure they do not go out of business. Learn more via Music Venue Trust.

The live music industry added £4.5bn to the economy in 2019 and supported 210,000 jobs across the country.

Up to 50% of the live music industry’s workforce is facing unemployment, leading to a catastrophic loss of skills.

The UK is home to the most popular arenas in the world yet they are set to lose five million visitors due to COVID-19.

Music festivals support 85.000 jobs, but with the entire summer cancelled, many are currently facing collapse.

Learn more via UK Music