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SMIA Workshops - Networking

As part of the SMIA’s innovation-led development programme, designed to help nurture business talent and build infrastructure in Scotland’s music industry, we will be hosting this free entry Networking and Building Relationships in the Music Industry workshop at The Melting Pot (Workshop Space) in Edinburgh, taking place on Tuesday 30th…(Read More)

We’re very much looking forward to attending  XpoNorth in Inverness this week, continuing our long-term partnership with Scotland’s leading creative industries festival. Robert, Dougal, Blue and Tommy from SMIA will all be attending XpoNorth, as well as many of our active members. We will be hanging out in the cafe…(Read More)

Tell us a bit about you and what you do… At Skoogmusic we make technology that lets anyone make music. David Skulina and I founded the company in 2009 after developing a new kind of musical instrument for disabled children and we have evolved the tech from there to make music making accessible to everyone…(Read More)

Join the Scottish Music Industry Association and the Music Producers Guild – MPG on Friday 5 July for a special evening looking at the art and business of music production. Taking place at the CCA Glasgow, this free entry event will include a panel and discussion which will look at how the world of music…(Read More)

You work in music because you are passionate about it. You probably take an interest in what the Scottish Music Industry Association (SMIA) is doing because you care about music business development and have something to say. If this sounds like you, we invite you to help shape our future…(Read More)

Tell us a bit about you and what you do… I am a freelance musical director, arranger and composer working mainly in theatre and I’ve played a lot of gigs as a pianist too. As a youngster I played music by ear and read notation, playing a lot of instruments because I was curious…(Read More)

Tell us a bit about you and what you do… I’m Tom Johnson and I’m the founder of Gold Flake Paint – a music blog that is now a quarterly physical publication, which we launched at the end of last summer. My background is in writing so I produce a lot of the content…(Read More)

Rosie Shannon from Soma Records

Ahead of Soma Skool 2019 we caught up with Soma Records’ Production and Distribution Manager Rosie Shannon to find out more about the label and their upcoming event which focuses on gaining a career in the electronic music industry: Rosie, tell us a bit about yourself and Soma Records…  Soma Records are an internationally…(Read More)