Register for Cultural Adaptations 2021

Registration for the Cultural Adaptations conference – which takes place from 2 – 5 March 2021 – is now open.

The event will share the results and tools of the Cultural Adaptations project, and explore wider knowledge and international experiences of how creativity can help us to adapt. 

This unique, international conference explores how cities and regions across Europe can creatively adapt to climate change impacts and the adaptation challenges faced by our arts and cultural sector.

Showcasing unique, innovative and creative approaches to solving complex climate challenges, the conference will present new ways of working collaboratively in adaptation, and bring together a diverse and ambitious group of adaptation practitioners, city officials, cultural organisations and artists from across Europe and the UK.

The event will include:

  • Expert speakers from the cultural sector and adaptation science
  • Workshops, presentations and demonstrations on climate change adaptation for cultural SMEs
  • Practical development of cultural interventions in climate change adaptation at a city-region and international scale.
  • International network of culture and adaptation practitioners committed to creative approaches to addressing climate change

Find out more and apply:

Glasgow based internationally-renowned producing art house Cryptic are seeking a Project Manager to join their team.…