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Funding Resources

Sources of funding, and information and advice relating to it, for individuals and businesses affects by the response to the coronavirus crisis…(Read More)

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Employment Resources

Help, information, guidance and sources of funding for employers and employees including freelancers, micro businesses and SMEs…(Read More)

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Tools, platforms, networks and information for creative business to engage markets which are digital-first, rather than based around live attendance at events…(Read More)

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Economy Resources

Information about the affect that the coronavirus response is having on the economy and advice for businesses…(Read More)

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Health and Wellbeing

Health, safety and well-being information, advice and medical and scientific research relating to the coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease…(Read More)

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Events Resources

Help, guidance and advice on what to do about the impact of the Coronavirus response on events for everyone working in the supply network…(Read More)

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Music may be more important now than ever; but conducting business around it will undoubtedly be challenging. Among the challenges there are some opportunities. We also need to find ways to support each other and work together…(Read More)

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Resources to assist freelance creative people, often working from home or remotely, with all aspects of productivity; communication, time, task and project management…(Read More)

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a serious, real and present issue affecting all of us. The virus, and our necessary response to the threat it poses, will impact on every aspect of our lives, especially public health and the economy…(Read More)